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Covid19: Info & Resources to Assist People With Disabilities

Updated: May 20, 2020

It is clear with the Covid19 pandemic impacting almost every corner of our world we are in unprecedented times.  Many of us find ourselves altering our lives, checking on loved ones, gathering supplies and glued to the news to try to better understand what is next for each of us, our families, our jobs and our communities.

But unfortunately, what we are not hearing much about is how to assist people with disabilities during this global crisis.  The term "those with underlying health conditions" is thrown out a lot, almost as a side note and not a group to worry too much about. Those with underlying health conditions are people with disabilities -- and there are 1.3 Billion people with disabilities across the globe. 

Our colleague Peter Torres Fremlin has compiled a global list of resources and actions to assist people with disabilities.  It is the best list we have seen to date, and we have scoured multiple resources!  If you have items to share or add please let us know.


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