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It's All About the Employee Experience.


Businesses understand the way we work is different, and so is how we engage our employees. Companies need a deeper understanding of their employee populations to improve equity, inclusion and opportunity. 

Employees with disabilities are the largest diversity group but very few companies understand their workplace experiences.


Only 4% of companies investigate employees with disabilities as a diversity segment. 

Dr. Peter Rutigliano - Principal, Mercer

It is why we created AMPLIFY: The first climate & culture survey focusing on employees with disabilities. The survey allows for greater focus as well as more targeted insights into work experiences, culture, leadership, achievement, teamwork, and more for employees with disabilities. Now, you can get real feedback from your employees.


Results will help you create an actionable plan for improving your workplace for up to 20% of your employee population.

It is time to change the we engage and retain talent with disabilities.


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