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The Award Winning Disability Climate
& Culture Survey


Only 4% of companies investigate employees with disabilities as a diversity segment.

Dr. Peter Rutigliano - Principal, Mercer

Action. Results. Impact.

The First Ever Disability Climate & Culture Survey

The survey allows for greater focus as well as more targeted insights into work experiences, culture, leadership, achievement, teamwork, and more for employees with disabilities. And, for the first time ever we ask questions about the disability employment experience - accommodations, self-id, disclosure, inclusive culture and more.


Now, you can get real feedback from your employees.


Results will help create an actionable plan for improving your workplace for up to 20% of your employee population.

It is time to change the way we engage and retain talent with disabilities.


Contact us to learn more so you can Amplify your results and your impact.

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Awards Recognition:

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Are You Ready To Amplify
Your Disability Program?

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