About Global Disability Inclusion

Our Founder

Global Disability Inclusion was founded by leading disability inclusion expert Meg O’Connell. O’Connell has worked with some of the world's top brands across a variety of industries and has been implementing and leading disability inclusion efforts for large corporations since the mid-‘90s.

She has won numerous awards for her work, developing talent management strategies, customer solutions, and corporate marketing/branding campaigns, all geared towards including people with disabilities in the workforce as a part of diversity initiatives.

Winner of the Society of Human Resource Management’s Innovative Practice Award O'Connell is a regularly requested keynote speaker and leads Global Disability Inclusion’s strategic direction and new product development.

100% Woman and Disability Owned

Disability inclusion is at a global tipping point and our team is at the forefront, influencing organizations across the globe in what it means to be disability competitive.

We are a team of highly experienced disability inclusion experts with over 75 years of collected experience working with companies, foundations, non-profits and government agencies to help them realize the business benefits of disability inclusion.

Whether your inclusion progress is well-established or just starting, and whether your operations are in the US or abroad, we can assist in designing a world-class program that effectively balances a strong corporate culture with local customs and legal requirements.

Our Brand Ambassadors

Shaholly Ayers

Shaholly Ayers is entering her 4th year as GDI Brand Ambassador. A congenital amputee, Shaholly was the first model ever to walk a runway without a prosthetic at New York Fashion Week (NYFW).  Fall 2018 marked Shaholly’s seventh season modeling at NYFW.  

She has been featured in Nordstrom’s national catalog three times and has also appeared in the pages of GQ Italia, GQ Japan, US Weekly, The Sun News Paper, The New York Times, and the Guardian, among other outlets. In 2018, she also made appearances on Megyn Kelly Today and Hallmark Channel’s Home & Family as well as in stories on Today.com and Shape.com, and was named one of Today’s Style Heroes.

"I am proud to work with GDI in our shared goal to break down all of the stigmas surrounding disability so that we can truly create a more inclusive world."

Eileen Grubba


Eileen has appeared in many films and television series including NBC’s Game of Silence, Fear the Walking Dead, Criminal Minds, Bones, Sons of Anarchy, Hung, Enlightened, CSI: Miami, The Mentalist, Cold Case, Nip/Tuck, Dexter, Monk, and more. She has spent years on the stage of the world-renowned Actors Studio tackling challenging roles in many well-known plays and developing original material. She has also performed in musicals including "Cinderella", "The Little Shop of Horrors", and "Dracula".
Eileen is an advocate for the inclusion of people with physical differences in the entertainment industry, hoping to create a world of greater understanding and acceptance for all.
“My life experience compels me to choose and fight for projects that encourage a greater appreciation of the strength and spirit that only come through adversity,” Eileen said in a recent interview.
“Including PWD would welcome a new workforce into society: people with great determination, endurance, enthusiasm, passion, problem solvers, and creative thinkers with different visions, who could change the world if we let them in!”


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