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2019: New Year, More Disability Inclusion

Updated: Jan 11, 2019

It is now the second week of January 2019. The world is a buzz about New Year’s resolutions. Daily I hear the various conversations around “new year, new you” – Do you make resolutions? What are your resolutions this year? What is your word of the year? What are you doing to actually make real change?

As I have listened to over 20 +people in the past two weeks talk about the changes they want to make there are 3 resolutions that seems to be on everyone’s list.

1. Lose Weight

2. Eat Better

3. Stop Procrastinating.

Using the top 3 resolution list – I want to provide a disability inclusion top 3 that uses the same goals.

So, here we go.

1. Lose Weight = Drop Old Beliefs: Dropping weight is the single biggest goal for 2019. How does this relate to inclusion? It means dropping old beliefs. Drop the weight of stereotypes and understand what it means to be inclusive. Yes, people with disabilities CAN work. They CAN perform on par or better then their colleagues without disabilities, and they help improve your climate and culture. Read the multiple case studies at

2. Eat Better = Educate Yourself on Inclusion: Eat better means being healthier. Being healthier means educating yourself on what it means to be inclusive, how can you incorporate disability inclusion into your workplace. Let’s face it disability makes us uncomfortable. Find ways to get comfortable with disability in bite size chunks (eat better). For customized training you can visit us at

3. Stop Procrastinating = Stop Procrastinating: No explanation needed here. We all have things on our “to do list” that just don’t get done. We hear all the time from companies that they “aren’t ready yet”, “not sure how to begin”, “we are afraid we will not do it well”…etc. Bottom line, it doesn’t matter. You just have to start. No other program within your organization was executed flawlessly – this won’t be either. Be intentional, be strategic and get started!

It is the second week of 2019 – will you repeat what you did in 2018 related to disability inclusion? Or will you evolve and create something new, innovative and impactful that will influence the way the world views disability inclusion?

It’s up to you. So, let's get started.


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