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Accessible Summer Vacation Ideas

Updated: Nov 15, 2018

It’s that time of year when the days get long, warm and have everyone thinking about vacations and inspiring travel destinations.  We know sometimes accessible travel can be hard to find, so we pulled together five resources to help you plan your next great getaway.

European Vacations

If you’ve just completed your family tree or gotten your 23 & me profile, a trip to the old country to discover where your ancestors are from might be the perfect trip.  The website European Network for Accessible Tourism will provide you with a list of accessible cities – so you can choose from Paris, Barcelona, Stockholm, or Athens (and many more) to round out your European Vacation.

China is Calling

The Hong Kong Society on Rehabilitation has put together this great guide on accessibility in Hong Kong.  It provides lists of accessible hotels, public transportation, rental cars, attractions and tours for people with disabilities.  You can even search your destinations and find out in advance if your trip will meet your accessibility needs.

Land Down Under:  Accessible Melbourne

Now you can finally learn what a Vegemite Sandwich tastes like! Lonely Planet has a host of resources on accessible travel.  This free guide on accessible Melbourne lets you discover restaurants, hotels, accessible sports, food and wine tours, and great scenery. There are no excuses!


Yeah, Mon – the Caribbean is accessible!  We love Curb Free with Cory Lee whose blog won 2017 Best Travel Blog. Cory Lee has a disability and has extensively traveled the globe, so you get to hear it directly from the traveler with a disability what locations are truly like.  Check out this link and his other blog posts.

For the Cruisers

Over the past several years, cruise lines have gotten serious about travelers with disabilities.  The demand has also risen as we have seen travelers with disabilities on the rise, not to mention the financial rewards of catering to the disabled community.  On this site you will find links to accessible cruise lines, and feedback from other travelers with various disabilities. 

You can find cruises that target disability types, like Autism-friendly cruises from  Royal Caribbean.

So take off, soak it in, visit new places, and enjoy the many wonders of this world!


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