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5 Ways to Start Fresh with Disability Inclusion in 2023

Image of a desk with a keyboard, glasses, coffee, a calculator and a screen that reads accessible.
How Accessible Is Your Workplace?

Heading into 2023, it’s time to take stock of your inclusion activities, barriers and strategies and check them against your inclusion goals.

The start of a new year offers an opportunity to reflect on the past, celebrate what we have achieved and set goals for the new year. Revisiting your inclusion goals can help set you up for success in 2023 and beyond.

These five steps can get you started.

1. Take Stock of Where You Are Start the year by revisiting what you set out to do in 2022. Honestly assess where you are: What didn’t get completed? Do you need to revisit or revise your strategy? Are you pushing yourself and your organization to be innovative? What grade would you give your efforts?

2. Tackle the Barriers

Every organization has barriers to accessibility and inclusion. Barriers can be physical, digital or cultural. Survey your organization and understand the barriers ranking them low, medium and high. High barriers are those that would have significant impact for a person with a disability to be fully included and engaged. Establish a “barrier mitigation” workplan to tackle all your high barriers in 2023.

3. Focus on Your Employees

Do you know how your employees feel about accessibility and disability inclusion at your workplace? Do employees have access to all programs and resources being offered? Can you eliminate any issues in your processes? If you don’t know how your inclusion programs land with your employees, you only have part of the story. Register for the 2023 Amplify Survey – the first disability workplace survey.

4. Make a Plan

Every new year starts with energy, excitement and hope for what is ahead. But the most successful programs have an action plan with weekly and monthly activities that support your goals and milestones that indicate you are making progress. You know what they say, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

5. Be Accountable

Access and inclusion are EVERYONE’S responsibility. Be sure to be accountable (no matter your role) to improve both. Learn something new, encourage your team or colleagues to participate in inclusion efforts, lead the charge on accessible meetings for your team or department. There are countless ways to be more inclusive, commit to five you will do this year. Whatever you choose to do, be accountable.

That’s your roadmap for a more inclusive 2023. But if you are still struggling for ideas on what to do or need help getting started:

Happy New Year! #BetterInclusion2023


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